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CP Renewables.

Our products mean we have the potential for fearsome power generation performance. The CP Renewables flagship package the ‘Total Green Package’ means not compromising in any area to make your destination completely carbon neutral.

 Thanks to the latest evolutions in technology this is a possibility. We intend to make your destination carbon neutral whilst maintaining its effortless charisma.

 Our products are never overbearing and exude elegance, designed so guests look on in wonder at the elegance and palpable sense of scintillating dynamism.

 The sheer breadth of our range mean that we can save you money, save the environment and analyze your destinations to make them work for you. Creating sufficient power for your resort without compromising space or aesthetic.

The Island Package.

The Island Package is the perfect package for any small island resort with an off-grid diesel generator or poor grid coverage. The Island package allows you full control of your energy needs using a hybrid of all of our systems.

If you are worried about disturbing wildlife and maintaining the bio-diversity of your Island, our consultants can help you.

Our objective is not ‘merely’ to create power, but to produce a more efficient energy project with the pinnacle of aesthetics and performance working together in complete accord making your Island an even more beautiful tropical paradise.

As your destination is the place for relaxation and comfort, our cutting edge technologies reduce the need for loud expensive diesel generators and reduce not only global pollution, but even pollution of the immediate environment. 

The Off Peak Package is the definition of practicality, it uses our products with dramatic effect creating beauty, luxury and sheer exhilarating power.

We analyse your Off Peak Energy usage and cover the costs so that you can increase your margins by up to 20% at this time of year. The Off Peak season is no longer a worry as we can ensure that all essentials are covered during this period.

The Package is perfect for Ski Resorts, shooting lodges and mountain cabins. We provide a service ensuring your guest’s stay remains supremely comfortable, producing no noise and an unobtrusive addition to the destination’s overall aesthetic.

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CP Renewables: Powering Tourism

Save money. Save the planet. Secure your future.

Let our engineers power your resort using our innovative range of solar and wind power.

The objective is for guests to be able to enjoy the world’s most beautiful corners whilst still being consciously aware they are not adding to the serious problem of the planet’s changing atmosphere. We offer different energy packages that are catered specifically to the needs of the tourist industry.

We use cutting edge energy to create dynamic energy production systems that save money for tourist destinations, give them a marketing USP increasing trade and improve guest comfort.

The sculptural elegance and visual drama of the wind turbine, reflects our company’s vision of combining turbines with other renewable energy sources to help the tourist industry to become carbon neutral as well as fitting with the aesthetic values of the tourist industry; beauty, simplicity, relaxation and cost efficiency.

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Grid Instability.

The practical credentials of our packages are emphasised with The Grid-Stability Package’s dynamic off-grid energy optimization, making sure all essential electrical appliances in your destination such as freezers, lighting, security and temperature control systems are not affected by power cuts.

Countries across the Caribbean and South East Asia are subject to frequent power cuts. Indeed the Domincan Republic has 18 power outages per month the 13th highest amount in the world and Jamaica has 2.5 per month. This is clearly a huge problem that sees destinations having to rely on costly diesel generators. In Latin America power cuts can last for days meaning that your energy costs sky-rocket, not to mention costs incurred from the failure of freezers that keep your food fresh.

Our consultants provide a be-spoke installation to provide energy generation that is individually adding to your destination’s all round beauty, as well as optimized by analysing the environment around your hotel.

Our products have been installed in some of the most arduous environments; our installations are 100% safe and protect guests by maintaining security systems and lighting systems during power-cuts, possibly even avoiding costly lawsuits.

The innovative use of renewable energy in the holiday let market is just one tangible example of CP Renewable’s commitment to saving you money. 25-33% of the total cost of running a holiday rental comes from energy. Reducing this can increase your profits significantly!

This in addition to our engineering and dynamic benefits we can contribute to overall financial efficiency by running pools and other essential electronic appliances even when the property is empty.

The implementation of our solutions to existing Villas or those in construction can help prevent the onset of the phenomena of global warming, and would also be perfect for skiing chalets.

Make your Chalet, Villa or property stand out from the crowd by putting in place this package today.

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The Beach Hut Package is an exclusive, limited-edition performance package from CP Renewable’s team of engineers. The Beach Hut Package has been specifically designed to cut up 33% of your costs through our high-performance energy production models.

The Beach Hut Package can provide the luxury of a hotel room in a beach hut by producing an inordinate amount of energy. We can also tailor the energy production to support huts that have a lower energy demand.

Guaranteed not to disturb your guests or surrounding wildlife, the package allows you to stop depending on environmentally damaging, unreliable and dangerous generators or grid energy production.  

Are you a patient person? Do you want to save a large amount of money on your electricity bills? Want to ensure your hotel has the perfect aesthetic? Well the optimal saver is for you.

The Optimal Saver Package utilises all of our products to produce an exhilarating amount of energy. Advanced engineering assessments ensure a huge payback over a longer period of time.

The optimal saver package combines performance luxury and relevant technology to SAVE you money, out power the oppositions marketing potential and empower guests and yourself knowing you are saving the environment for future generations.

You could see double or even triple return on your investment and improve overall guest experience at the same time, the Optimal Saver Package is truly the ultimate investment. 

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Quick Saver.

The Temperature Package features bespoke engineering, uniquely-switching all your temperature controlling technology to an off-grid hybrid system. The energy generating elements of this project are designed to make you different in the destination market as well as generate energy in the most balanced manner. 

This balanced energy generation reduces the amount you spend in one of the most costly areas of the hotel business and is especially effective in hot/humid climates, and skiing resorts or cold climates.

Our mission is to reduce harmful emissions produced in the industry as a whole, which is rising with demand, at the same time increasing your guest’s enjoyment and your profits.

 Making your heating system off-grid means you are not susceptible to power cuts, you receive big returns on investment and negate the issue of rising energy prices, this package is the real deal.

Want to see quick returns on your energy installation? Well the quick saver package is the package for you.

The unique professional way in which we analyse your electricity bills, environment around your destination, knowledge catered to the industry and your energy requirements, means we can provide you with quick returns using the trusted analytical thinking process of British Engineers.

Using our products, we can express the ultimate in luxury and dramatic performance so that you see returns on your investment as quickly as possible.

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View the case study

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Hot Water.

CP Renewables is proud to help you start a company tradition of Environmental Innovation. Our vast catalogue and lean business structure means that we can offer you great affordable prices.

We can assess your destination’s approach to heating boilers. Hot water is integral to your guest’s comfort, when it fails due to poor infrastructure guests are rightly upset.

CP renewables can help you with your destination’s fusion of styling and outstanding comfort to ensure good reviews and increased profitability. Not only that but our products may give your destination added marketing value.

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The lighting package offers you the optimum combination of stunning appearance and energy performance; CP Renewables keep your destination lit to make you the ultimate destination.

Using a hybrid of the latest wind and solar technologies we can impress your image upon guests on their very arrival, at the same time reduce your costs and environmental impact.

No longer in areas of poor infrastructure do you have to rely on costly generators, instead our off grid systems are anticipatory, keeping you lit even when a blackout first hits, helping you and your staff deal with the unexpected.

As well as protecting your guests, The American Institute of Science found that lighting can help guest safety and security uninterrupted light means that thefts can be prevented and guests do not fall and hurt themselves. We can help ensure guest safety using our Street lighting range (CP-SL) as well as our powerful turbines and solar energy harnessing technology.  

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View the case study

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The Villa Package.

The Beach Hut Package.

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Optimal Saver.

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Total Green.

Off Peak Coverage.

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Download:  Decemeber borchure.pdf

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